About Us

We're pet owners too!

False Creek is a pet lover’s paradise, and that’s why Market Hill Animal Hospital is committed to keeping your furry friend happy and healthy so that you can enjoy your amazing piece of Vancouver together.

We know that our clients wont compromise on the quality of care their pet’s receive, and we wouldn’t either, that’s why our driving goal is to provide quality veterinary care in an individual and personalized manner. As important as our medical expertise is, we strongly believe that excellent care is a combination of a high standard of veterinary medicine and surgery combined with a focus on compassion and respect for your pet and for your family. We make it our mission to continue to strive for excellence and fight to be deserving of the trust placed in our hands by our clients, veterinary colleagues and the community alike.

Community Outreach

At Market Hill Animal Hospital we strive to give back to our community in as many ways as possible. We are proud to offer the following services and programs to our community:

  • Internships for High School students and volunteers
  • Community Education Programs
  • Cats and Kittens Adoption Program
  • Complimentary Doggy Waste Bags
  • Volunteer Shelter/Rescue Work

Meet Our Team

After receiving his DVM degree in 1989, Dr. Reza Rashidi has been passionately practicing Veterinary Medicine in all its forms. To name only a few, his special interests lie in Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Dental Health, and recently Alternative Medicine. In the summer of 2011, Dr. Rashidi finally launched his own veterinary practice at a beautiful location just outside of downtown Vancouver, nestled between two dog parks and right where all the action is! In his spare time, Dr. Rashidi enjoys spending time with his loving family and friends, biking, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. Dr. Rashidi is well liked by his colleagues and the community alike and always brings an undeniable enthusiasm about his work wherever he goes.

  • Dr. Reza Rashidi

    Dr. Reza Rashidi

    After receiving a DVM degree in 1989, Dr. Reza Rashidi has been practicing Veterinary Medicine. His special interests lies in…