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What our clients say

  • Dr. R is a fantastic veterinarian. He takes his time to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it. He does a full exam and asks for the history of the animals he is seeing, unlike other vets that I have seen who listen to the heart and poke around some. When you first meet Dr. R, you can tell he really does care about his work and the animals. He doesn't do things that aren't needed and his prices are VERY reasonable. I would suggest Mr. R to all my family and friends.


  • My dog hates vets. She usually will squirm and bite anyone attempting to get near her. She also remembers what happens at the vet... This is the only vet that my dog actually likes going to. Whenever we pass by the office on our walks, she wants to go in to visit. The staff is great and this vet really loves his work. It is obvious that he loves animals. Prices are fair and quality of care is excellent. The hours are also great. I trust his judgment and would recommend him to anybody who has a pet.


  • I took my cat for a problem we were all suffering from for years. The staff were very professional, caring and friendly. Dr's diagnosis finally helped my cat's skin issue get better after several treatments at different vets. Dr.Rashidi took his time, explained what could have caused the problem ,and educated us very patiently. I'd absolutely recommend him ,as did my friend to me. He's very expert and caring .


  • I would absolutely suggest Market Hill Animal Hospital. My cat was spayed there last week. It was a very pleasant experience unlike the previous experience I had at another clinic for our other cat. Staff was very knowledgeable, provided all the details I needed to know about to procedure and the treatment. Dr.Reza patiently answered all my detailed questions, and I believe he's really expert in this field. My cat recovered very well and fast. I really appreciate their service .


  • We have a boxer, and have had him since he was 12 weeks old. We were unaware that he would develop so many health issues, but Dr. Rashidi has always been there to help, and is always very patient when we ask questions. He is very knowledgeable, and we trust him wholeheartedly with our dog. We have never gone to another vet, and Dr. Rashidi has successfully treated 99% of all ailments. The staff here are all great, with the exception of one new girl--but she is new and still learning who we are. The facility itself is always very clean, and decently organized. The punctuality could use a bit more thought and action, but it's not at all terrible. It IS an animal HOSPITAL--emergencies happen, and they take priority just like in human hospitals. The value for the money is very good. Go a couple more blocks down, and they charge substantially more. A He even came to help on a Sunday when they are closed (also his daughters BDay) to help us with an emergency. He is very dedicated.