4 Quick Tips On Travelling with your Pet

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One of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of owning a pet is travelling with your furry friend. In this post, we’ll outline what common pet stressors to look out for and how to best to prepare yourself for them.


Even seemingly insignificant factors like adjusted meal times or slight changes in bed time could be cause for a lot of anxiety to your pet. For instance, pets often get used to family dinner or TV time and a disruption to this will make them quite nervous.


When it comes to boarding your pet on a plane, it all comes down to preparation. Make sure your pup or cat has seen and smelled the kennel they’ll be staying in before your trip. If possible, try to book your trip on a non-peak travel day, like New Years or Christmas Eve day or eve. Definitely check with your airline if they allow pet travel and what the details would be. Most airlines will require your pet to be trained or experienced with the confinement characteristic of air travel.


Most holiday travel happens by car, and that presents a whole new set of challenges. Even if your pet is fine with short trips, they may act differently with extended travel. Make sure that your pet will be okay doing their business on a leash given short notice and that they have a reliable kennel situation.


Finally, keep in mind that your pet’s mood and emotion will often reflect yours. If you’re quite stressed and exhibiting anxious behaviour, that will likely lead your pet to become agitated as well. Be sure to include your pet on de-stressing activities during your vacation. This often looks like bringing your pet along for runs or outside activities.


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