6 Essential Ways of Puppy Proofing Your Home

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With spring just around the corner and many families adopting puppies, we thought it would be appropriate to do a series on frequently asked questions about puppies in a four part series. We’ll cover all the basics, even for those who just bought a bunch of chocolate bars as treats for Fido.

(Please note the sarcasm in the intro paragraph- don’t give your dog chocolate. Read these posts for more guidance instead.)

When your pup arrives home for the first time, it’s important that he has some time to adjust to his new surroundings. During the first few days, keep the household fairly quiet and have everyone interact with the puppy gently. Have lots of soft bedding and toys in your pup’s crates– this will make them secure and have a safe zone, and be sure to let your puppy outside every couple hours to do his business.

Here are the absolute essentials in a list for those of you that like lists:

1. Use covered trash cans

2. Keep kitchen countertops clear of food

3. Store away household chemicals

4. Keep toilet lids closed (so your pup doesn’t fall in or have a drink)

5. Keep electrical cords out of sight

6. Have dangling blind and curtain cords out of reach

If you have any questions, stop by our Vancouver location to chat with Dr. Rashidi or one of our staff members, as always! Check out the blog in a few days for parts 2-4 of this series.


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