Prepping Your Pet for Family Gatherings and Holidays

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With the family day long weekend coming up for our friends in British Columbia, we thought it helpful to write a guide on how to keep your pet happy when you’ve got guests over.


A good starting point is to consider how your pet generally acts with strangers- are they super outgoing and attention seeking? Reserved and scared? When there’s 30 people crowded in your apartment, these behaviours will be amplified in a big big way.


Changes to routine can trigger pets’ protective nature to act up. If they’re used to sleeping in or expecting food when they enter the kitchen, they’ll understandably be upset if there are strangers shooing them out.


One way around this issue is to create a safe room for your pets to spend the party alone. Make sure it’s a room that friends won’t walk into, such as your bedroom. Your sole bathroom is probably not the best safe room for your pet.


One study we referenced suggested it’s best to put your pup on a leash when introducing him to guests. This will allow them to get used to the new smells and people in a controlled way. Also, it’s much easier to send you pet to their safe room if you have them on a leash.


In general, any change to your pet’s routine can be jarring. If they’re used to quiet TV viewing on weeknights but are faced with an abundance of commotion and alcohol, that could be a shock to their system. 


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