Should I Neuter My Cat? (pt. 2)

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Q. Will My Male Cat Stop Running away and Become Indoor if I Neuter Him?

A: There definitely is a calming effect of fixing your pet that will contribute to him being less willing to go out, but it’s important to understand why cats go outside in the first place. Cats wander outside not only to reproduce but to hunt as well. Fights picked with cats and other animals increase your pet’s risk for FeLV (feline leukemia) and FIV (something like AIDS for cats) if they sustain deep wounds. This is why it’s better for your pet’s overall health to be indoors, regardless of whether they’re neutered or not.


Q. My Cat Pees All Over My House! Will Neutering Fix This?

A: Probably. The big thing about neutering is that it removes your pet’s hormonal urgency to spray, and neutering early is a great way to get rid of that urge altogether. If your cat is still spraying after being neutered, it’s best to bring him in to see us or a behavioural specialist.


Q. Will Fixing my Cat Stop Future Diseases?

A. There is evidence that suggests neutering/spaying lessens the risk of breast cancer in female cats! Also, many unspayed cants often have pyometra, a uterus infection that can be quite dangerous. For male cats, the risk of testicular cancer decreases. Neutering and spaying generally leads to your cat having a happier and longer life.


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