What Are Steps I Can Take to Avoid Dog Bites?

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We often get questions regarding dog bites at our Vancouver vet clinic. After consulting with Dr. Rashidi and referencing Dr. Barbara Sherman of the NC Veterinarian institute, we’ve put together a short and sweet guide on how to avoid a nasty situation.

Some of the first warning signs of a bite dog are easily visible. If the animal has his ears down and has big wide open eyes, it would be best to keep small child away. Tail wagging is not always a sign of playfulness! Some dogs do indeed wag their tail anxiously when they feel threatened. Other signs would be crouching or staring in a harsh and sudden way. If the pup is displaying these signs, it would probably be best not to approach him.


In addition, be sure not approach a pup when he’s asleep, growing, eating, growling, or displaying any of the signs above.


Much has been said about the topic, but our hope with this blog is to educate pet owners in the community to reduce the possibility of dog bites. Most often, dogs bite strangers and if one considers the above facts, that should help minimize some of the risk.


If you have any questions, be sure to stop by our Vancouver veterinary clinic to speak with our knowledgeable vet, or to inquire about our other services such as house calls, laser therapy, or dental procedures.


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