Can My Puppy Give Humans Ringworm?

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In the states alone, 700-800 kids go legally blind every year because of roundworm infection.

Especially in Vancouver, cases of roundworm and tapeworm cases are quite prevalent, as there is lots of rain and no deep freeze over the winter. In pretty much any other city in Canada, the winter deep freeze does a decent job at getting rid of the pesky worms. So what is the life cycle of these worms and how do they get to humans?

When Fido runs around and plays in the mud, he’ll likely breathe in or eat the Oscaris (very early stage), where it becomes a larva, hangs out in the lungs for a bit, then makes its way to the small intestine. The larvae will mature and feed in the small intestine and get pooped out- the hard shell it has developed at this point protecting it against the elements for up to a year. The hardened shells will then stick to other pets’ hair or rest on the ground for up to a year until it gets ingested by a pup and the whole cycle starts up again.

The ringworm found in dogs can’t find its way to humans’ GI (gastrointestinal) tracts because we are not natural hosts. As a result, some may go to our brains or eyes; 700-800 kids in the USA go legally blind because of it! As a result, it’s very important to us at Market Hill that our clients understand this.  At our Vancouver vet clinic, we have a wide range of anti parasites and preventatives that are very effective in fighting against these worms: give us a call today to learn more!