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No-Risk Pain Relief For Pets- Laser Therapy (Part 2)

No-Risk Pain Relief For Pets- Laser Therapy (Part 2)

Are there any side effects?

None that are scientifically proven, no.


What can I expect after treatment?

Because of the the pain relief and reduction in inflammation, your pet might be more energetic or more subdued due to relief.


What do I expect during the actual therapy session?

The doctor will wear eye protection and administer the laser therapy for 15-30 minute chunks of time. Your pet doesn’t need to be shaven or put to sleep and will barely feel anything while it’s happening.


What will my pet feel?

The laser is like a massage- your pet will relax, unclench and enjoy, and the quick pain relief will outdo any anxiety your pet had coming in.  We’ve even had pets fall asleep during their laser therapy session in our Vancouver veterinary clinic!


When can I expect to see an improvement? What might I see?

Litecure breaks this down nicely:

“You may see relief in the first treatment or so as pain and inflammation are reduced. For example: better mobility for joint conditions, drying and healing of dermatological issues, faster healing for wounds and incisions, or your pet just seeming more relaxed and comfortable . For some conditions, a series of treatments may be necessary before you see results due to the severity or complexity of the condition.  Each pet is different, and treatments are unique for your pet’s specific needs.”

If you have any questions, be sure to stop by our Vancouver veterinary clinic to speak with our knowledgeable vet, or to inquire about our other services such as house calls, laser therapy, or dental procedures.