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The Truth About Feline Neutering (Pt. 1)

The Truth About Feline Neutering (Pt. 1)

More than 5 million stray or cats are euthanized every year in the US, a number that’s growing steadily. The most effective way to combat this crisis is neutering and spaying.


Q: Why is Neutering/Spaying My Cat Important?

A: Apart from making it much easier on you as a pet owner, spaying and neutering is very powerful way to fight the euthanasia of millions of stray animals with nowhere to go. Finally, there are numerous health benefits for your pet that we will delve into in this series of posts.

Q: Should I Let My Cat Give Birth Before Spaying?

A: Please no! The risk of certain types of cancer increases with spaying once your pet has already given birth. In addition, there just aren’t  enough homes for kittens so you could be sending these animals into a life time of suffering unless you can keep them.


Q: Should I let my cat have a heat before I spay her? 

A: PetMD does a good job of explaining this: It’s a myth that animals should have a litter or a heat before they are spayed. There are no health benefits to that at all, and it’s a much easier medical procedure if you spay before the first heat. All the benefits you get from spaying or neutering your pet are magnified by spaying or neutering before the animal reaches puberty.


Abbotsford News recently ran a story that hit close to home on this issue- watch the following video on the conditions stray kittens live in.


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