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The Truth About Feline Neutering (Pt. 2)

The Truth About Feline Neutering (Pt. 2)

Q: Should We Spay Cats Before they’re Fully Grown?

A: You definitely could! Be sure your kitten is 8 weeks old and more than 2 lbs in weight. If these bare minimum requirements are met, it’s actually reasonably common to spay/neuter kittens. Although there’s a lot of talk about dangers regarding dangers of fixing kittens, there’s practically no scientific evidence for this. One of the highest authorities on the issue, the American Veterinary Medical Association, supports early fixing.


Also, cats can go into heat as early as 6 months old and have three  litters a year. Cats in heat are not fun. They scream and meow continuously and want to get out of the house. Also, the stench of unfettered male cats spraying at your door constantly might sway those still on the fence.



Q: Will Neutering/Spaying Make my Cat Fat?

A: Perhaps the inactivity after an invasive procedure like fixing your pet will lead him to gain weight, but it’s nothing that won’t fix itself within a few weeks. As with any weight loss endeavour, it’s paramount to keep portions under control and exercise your pet regularly, supplying places where Mr. Whiskers can be active and play. Back to portion control, be sure not free feed your cat out of pity, that’ll do more bad than good. Spaying/neutering alone won’t cause your cat to become like the cat below:


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